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For the past two years, Lufthansa has been very close to my heart. So close that I would have taken one of their flights to work, although I'm living three blocks away from the office. Every business trip I've made, I flew Lufthansa and they never disappointed me, not even when they lost my luggage in Frankfurt. Shit happens and I know that. These trips yielded a quadzillion miles that I conveniently decided to spend in their WorldShop for Christmas presents. But alas, big mistake. Continue reading
A news report on Wired claims that Google is looking into alternative ways of authentication to substitute the good-old password. According to the same source, the password as we know is vulnerable to social engineering attacks and hacking, not to mention leaks. Continue reading
Unless you live under a rock or you don't give a damn about what happens in the sec world, you have probably heard that the guys at French vendor VUPEN have succeeded to kneel down Google's Chrome browser and managed to execute arbitrary code by breaking out of the browser's sandbox. Shortly put, they pwn3d the browser that is widely touted as the most secure of its kind on the market. Continue reading
Rumor has it that is back online - alive & kicking for the second year in a row. If you're unfamiliar with what avtracker is and what it does, here's the short overview: it is a list of IPs associated with antimalware vendors. The project has been opened sometime in October 2009 (external link) and was voluntarily closed in late January 2010. It appears that it is now back online with a pretty consistent list of IP addresses associated with major antivirus companies (BitDefender included, hehe). Continue reading