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A couple of months back I started developing a jukebox-like MP3 player for a radio station in Iasi. Given the fact that, just like an audiophile, a radio station requires some serious information about the music it plays, I implemented a method for querying Last FM in search of such data. Just let the Last FM server know what artist and album the track you're playing is on and it will take care of the rest for you. Continue reading
After a couple of hours of tinkering around with the new Rad Studio XE from the guys at Embarcadero, I finally came up with this "Facebook Blocker" tool. Initially designed as an instrument to play an April Fool's prank on a couple of Facebook addicts, I suddenly realized that it could prove useful to a lot of people that would rather keep their "underlings" away from whatever guys are lurking on Facebook. Continue reading
Rumor has it that is back online - alive & kicking for the second year in a row. If you're unfamiliar with what avtracker is and what it does, here's the short overview: it is a list of IPs associated with antimalware vendors. The project has been opened sometime in October 2009 (external link) and was voluntarily closed in late January 2010. It appears that it is now back online with a pretty consistent list of IP addresses associated with major antivirus companies (BitDefender included, hehe). Continue reading